SheRose Awards recognizes unsung survivors of sexual abuse in April and survivors of domestic violence in October. SheRose Awards also recognizes unsung organizations who are committed in supporting survivors.

Call for Submissions:  Survivor stories are accepted at any time during the calendar year, before the submission deadline.

Submission deadline:  July 4, 2014 – December 31, 2014

EligibilitySheRose Awards 2015 will honor unsung survivors of domestic violence. Unsung survivors are those who have not shared their story widely or are sharing their story for the first time. Organizations considered for the award are those hard at work in the community for the cause but may not be widely recognized or known for their efforts. The HeRose Award is awarded to a male survivor who has not shared his story widely or is sharing his story for the first time.

Can a survivor submit their own story or do they have to be nominated?

SheRose Awards is not accepting nominations. The survivors have to agree and feel comfortable with sharing their own story. Feel free to encourage someone you know to submit, but please do not submit their story for them.

What if a survivor decides they no longer want to share their story after they have been nominated?

The survivors have to agree and feel comfortable with sharing their own story. If at any time the survivor no longer feels comfortable, they can reject the acceptance.

Honorees Announced:  Honorees will be announced in mid-January 2015.  Please check the site for the exact date.

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